Run Smart


The Running Club currently meets for the main running session on a Wednesday evening at 7.00pm. There are also beginners and intermediate running courses that meet on the same evening during selected dates throughout the year.

Running club sessions are free to St Mary’s Calne Sports Club members, but those attending regular club session and representing the club in race events will be expected to affiliate to England Athletics for an annual fee of £15.00. *Club affiliation rules will apply.


If you are not a member of the Sports Club, your first session is free. Our annual Running Club affiliation fee is £36.00 which will entitle you to attend the club’s main running session on a Wednesday and includes England Athletic Membership.


For non-members, there is a £30.00 charge for the 10 week beginner/intermediate running courses. Sports Club members may attend for free.


All Running Club affiliated members will be issued with a membership card which must be swiped at Reception when attending the Wednesday night coaching session.


Running affiliation entitles you to attend the weekly main running club session, weekend social runs and the ability to race under the club name. The annual fee includes England Athletic Association membership and running club affiliates can also attend HIIT, Swim Smart and Strength & Conditioning sessions for just £6.00 (per activity).

Running Club Session Times

Beginner Running Course (selected dates)              6.00-6.30pm

 Intermediate Running Course (selected dates)      6.30-7.15pm 

Main Running Club                                                      7:00-8:00pm